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Design - Installation - Supports

To Event & function partners

We offer the equipment rental, Stage setup and also live on site support.

10 years experience on supporting the small and medium size of staging 

Equipment Rental
Stage Setup
Live On Site Support

To our household Consumer

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to select valuable Audio Visual equipment's. 


At Hope Technology, we combine our insights and skills to enhance home theatre, adopting smart home solutions. We’re proud to help shape and improve how you experience when you enjoy Jazz at home with smart home devices.

Relaxing at Home
Meeting Room

To Corporates & Business workspace

Meetings are a fact of life for the modern employee in today’s workforce.  Meeting room design plays a significant role in facilitating productive meetings. Easy-to-use AV technologies foster better communications and more interactive collaboration while eliminating common meeting hiccups like bad audio and IT problems. And good AV design is more critical today than ever as meeting spaces shift to accommodate more video conferencing and remote collaboration.

Conferencing Solutions
Presentation System

Home Theatre
Smart Home Solutions

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